Ukip row: Nigel Farage’s friends and foes

The party is being convulsed by infighting - so who can Farage count on?

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The Loyalists

Paul Nuttall

The party’s deputy leader. A confident television performer, the Liverpudlian is crucial to Ukip’s drive to attract disaffected Labour supporters in the North of England.

Arron Banks

A businessman who runs a large insurance company, he gave £1m to the party last October. Yesterday he condemned the “little clique” that is “trying to destabilise” Farage.

Steve Crowther

Ukip’s long-standing, but low-profile, chairman. He announced on Monday that the party’s National Executive had unanimously rejected Farage’s resignation.

The Malcontents

Douglas Carswell

Ukip’s only MP has clashed with Farage over policy direction and over how much taxpayers’ money  to accept to run his Commons office.

Patrick O’Flynn

Former Daily Express journalist touted as a potential leader. Has argued that the party needs to trim its right-wing instincts to appeal more widely.

Suzanne Evans

Highly-rated former BBC journalist who is deputy chairman. She was said to have “screamed and cried” at the decision  to refuse Farage’s resignation.