UK solar eclipse 2015: When is it? Time and path for Britain

The celestial event promises to be worth getting out of bed early for

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A total solar eclipse will be experienced in the Faroe Islands and Svalbard in Norway on Friday 20 March, while the rest of Europe will see a good amount of the sun temporarily blotted out.

The eclipse technically starts at 07:41 UK time and ends at 11:50 UK time, but you're probably safe to get out of bed and stumble onto the front path in your dressing gown at about 8am.

The eclipse will peak (should be up to 90 per cent coverage in the UK) at around 9.30am before the sun returns to normal operation by 11am.

You can follow the eclipse live on The Independent's blog over the morning.

The most northern Scots will see up to 98 per cent of the sun obscured by the moon, weather permitting, while in London the eclipse will peak at about 85 per cent. That's still better than northern Africa and the Middle East, where only 40 per cent of the Sun will be covered.

But even for those in the UK, the eclipse is likely to be blocked out by a huge blanket of cloud spreading across the country. Those in the midlands and Wales will get a fairly good chance to see it, but everyone else could have problems.

Remember, don't look directly at the sun, buy some special glasses.




If you want to see the full eclipse but aren't able to travel north tomorrow, or clouds make any viewing impossible, the BBC will be showing the eclipse live on big screens around the country. There's more on where to watch this rare celestial event here.