29 February: Would you take the leap? Women who proposed to men


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As tomorrow’s date, 29 February, strikes fear into the hearts of men in long-term relationships who haven’t yet got down on one knee, we’ve rounded up a gallery of famous ‘leapers’ - women who have proposed to men.

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Women: would you ask?

Men: do you want to be asked?

Please comment below to tell us if you've already asked (and whether it was a 'yes' or a 'no), or tweet answers to @TheIndyNews

We’ll publish a round-up of the best, so check back here:

@PlayboyFysicist I'd be proud to be asked. Men and women have equal value (or should have) Who care who asks who? riddler_pops@TheIndyNews february29th

@razorreznor @TheIndyNews I asked, he said yes, then he quickly asked me back. Now for the argument about surnames!

@manalfahmi Read it to the end RT @TheIndyNews Women: Would you propose on February 29?

Wardy1 I can't wait to be asked by my darling girlfriend. I'm just glad to be off the shelf at last

Eleve10 Formation I proposed one February 29 in the early nineties, and got a positive answer. Of course, we discussed the matter of getting married both before and afterwards. Since I consider myself to be a modern woman, I am actually a bit ashamed of it. Why did I not propose on just any date instead of making use of this old patriarchal exception? As if I needed someone's permission? If you care to know, yes, I am still married to that man.

Helen I proposed to my husband. He was happy to be asked. I didn't do it on 29th February incidentally, that just implies that you subscribe to the view that it's so outrageous for a woman to take the initiative in such matters that it has to be done on an irregular day when social norms are suspended.

Scientist_Liz I wouldnt ask today. Not because I'm a traditionalist who thinks he should ask but because there is nothing about a leap day that should make it any different to any other day in terms of marriage proposals.

Robin Saxby As a man, I despise gender traditions and rules that the man is expected to make all the efforts when it comes to courting, dating and marriage proposals. Also I feel more women should break social norms and conformities when it comes to approaching men if romantically or sexually interested.

Plus marriage advocates a man's dominance over a woman along with her adopting the man's surname. Marriage is hopefully on it's way out and people will no longer need to splash out on expensive weddings just to prove love for each other and sign a bit of a paper.