The top ten: Tautologies


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There is a pub on Borough High Street, just south of London Bridge, called The Barrowboy and Banker, which ought to be the secret HQ of the internet campaign called Tautologywatch, run by Amol Rajan, editor of The Independent. To curry favour with him, I offer this list.

1. Null and void Via Fiona Sturges.

2. 'Moments in Time' Oliver Kamm. Title of the BBC's review of last year.

3. Free gift From Ellie Cumbo.

4. Pre-planned And forward planning, says Matthew Redgrave.

5. Work colleague From Edmund W.

6. Safe haven Nominated by James Clasper.

7. Advance warning Nominated by my colleague Archie Bland. And advance notice.

8. Past history Thanks, Tom Freeman.

9. Loose change Thanks to Simon Trevor-Wright.

10. Deliberately targeted From Lloyd Bracey, who also nominates "mutual consent".

Next week: Most interesting politicians.

Coming soon: Spoonerisms (well- boiled icicle, and so on). Send your suggestions, and ideas for future Top 10s, to