Commuter swears at fellow passenger on way to job interview, to find man is recruiter

The angry commuter didn't realise he was telling a head of recruitment to "f*** himself".

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A moody commuter probably regretted swearing at a man on the train on Monday morning, when he arrived at a job interview to find that his fellow passenger was the head of recruitment.

Like many Londoners, Matt Buckland, the head of talent at venture capital firm Forward Partners, found himself on a busy, delayed tube train on Monday morning. 

As the train pulled into Monument station in the City of London, Buckland stood to one side to let a passenger off the train, but the man thought he was standing in his way, he told BuzzFeed.

As Buckland explained he was also getting off the tube, the man pushed past him and told him to “f*** himself”.

Hours later, the same man walked in for an interview at Buckland’s firm.

The recruiter wrote on Twitter that the commuter did not recognise him at first, and so he asked him a few tube-related questions until the penny dropped.

“He realised, laughed about it awkwardly and got on with the interview,” Buckland wrote on Twitter, kindly adding: “The tube makes everyone cranky”.

“Could happen to anyone but was really unfortunate,” he said, and stressed he didn’t hold it against the man, and said as a recruiter he values a person with emotions.

Nevertheless, the man didn’t get the job in the end. “He wasn’t right for the role,” Buckland said.

Buckland's post on Twitter has been retweeted almost 15,000 times.