Cyclist in Russia narrowly misses being hit by car and lorry

The cyclist appears unhurt, and joins a crowd helping the lorry driver

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An incredible video showing the moment a cyclist in Russia narrowly missed being caught in a crash between a lorry and a car has emerged online.

The footage shows a quiet junction as the lucky cyclist slowly travels across a zebra crossing. A lorry is then seen making its way towards the crossroads when a red car appears.

The two vehicles then dramatically collide – the impact causing the red car to spin out of control just metres from the cyclist. The truck hits the cyclist, rocks left to right, and skids onto its side.

Incredibly, the cyclist seems unhurt and crouches on the ground for a moment, looking as if he is trying to digest the incident.

He then stands up, and joins passing motorists to check the lorry driver is unharmed.

A crowd soon forms at the corner of the shot, and a man appearing to be the lorry driver emerges from the vehicle with the help of bystanders.