Just three in ten Brits are happy with their lives

Only seven per cent admit to being content with their appearance

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Just three in ten Britons are happy with their lives, while only seven per cent reported feeling happy with their physical appearance, a new survey reveals.

A study of more than 2,000 people found that 69 per cent thought they were unhappily trapped in a routine and 42 per cent felt actively unhappy with their lives.

Many people responded that money worries, relationship issues and even the British weather all contributed to them feeling down.

The survey, commissioned by e-cigarette manufacturer blu eCigs, comes the week of Blue Monday when people are traditionally supposed to be at their lowest ebb of the year.


Among the twenty most common worries for Britons, aging, debt and work stress ranked highly.

Roughly a quarter felt that they were not going anywhere with their careers, but – more positively – a little over a quarter felt that they had achieved with their job and were doing what they originally wanted to do.

Of those surveyed a tiny seven per cent were happy with their lives.

More than three-quarters of those asked in the survey, titled the 2015 UK Optimism Audit, thought that making New Year’s resolutions was ineffective but instead believed that making small, incremental improvements to their life.

Jacob Fuller, CEO of blu eCigs, said “A lot of people set out to make changes to their lives in January but find it a struggle and end facing a case of the January blues. The results show that making smaller, positive lifestyle changes rather than setting drastic unattainable targets is the best route to improve overall happiness.”