Burger King's black 'Kuro Burger' is harrowing in real life

480 yen worth of NOPE.

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Burger King Japan took weird burger mutations to new heights/lows earlier this month, announcing a Premium Kuro Burger (kuro means "black") with black buns and cheese coloured with bamboo charcoal and squid ink ketchup.

The most common response to the promo photos for it was "Gross, but I would probably still put it in my face", though you might think again now people are tweeting pictures of what it looks like in reality.

Here's how it was supposed to look.

(Picture: Burger King)

And here's what was served up at a Burger King in Osaka.

(Picture: @ Kallisti)

Maybe if the bun is nudged out the way it will look less like a Rock/Ground-type Pokemon murdered and left to rot for 200 years? Nope!

(Picture: @hogemewujoka)

Or perhaps if you add lettuce and tomato it'll look less like it would leave you groaning on the sofa watching Babe five times over until the shame goes? Not a chance! But wait, everything looks better in cross-section right? Like with Scanwiches? No, it just looks even more like something that would crawl out of a storm drain in a horror movie.kuro4.jpg

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