'This guy is f*cked': Boy lies under train, regrets it, narrowly escapes during gap between wheels

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In a video that will leave you chewing your fist and quietlymoaning, a young Canadian man is seen lying on train tracks as a freighter speeds inches over his head, before scooting out during a split second gap between its wheels.

Like something straight out of Trailer Park Boys or possibly that train scene from Breaking Bad, the man lies flat on the tracks apparently as some kind of stunt.

He quickly regrets it however, having the following haunting exchange with the guy filming:

"Fred, you're f*cked."

"I know, I'm gonna die."

I f*cking imagine you're gonna f*cking die you're underneath a f*cking train...that's f*cking awesome though."

After a worrying moment in which "Fred" claims to be bleeding, his friend suggests he has time to slip out when there are no wheels passing him, which he ultimately does just moments before a set roar through.

Lesson learnt: stay well away from train tracks, you're not Steven Seagal.