Irish tourist visiting Abu Dhabi takes taxi driver to Ferrari World theme park to 'make his dreams come true'

Liam Murphy has become an online sensation overnight

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An Irish man visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been cast into the limelight after he took his taxi driver out for a day at a theme park, to make "his dreams come true.” 

Liam Murphy, a test engineer from Cork visiting the UAE on a business trip, took a cab from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to visit Ferrari World, according to

During the two hour drive, Murphy discovered that Shakiha, his cab driver who had moved to the UAE from India 14 years ago, had never been on a rollercoaster or visited the Abu Dhabi-based theme park.

When Shakiha told his customer that he’d wait in the car for four hours while he visited Ferrari World, Murphy instead offered to pay for his ticket so he could join him for the day.

Before long, Shakiha was taking a seat on the world’s fastest rollercoaster  - his first ever experience of a theme park ride. 

“Today I made his [Shakiha‘s] dreams come true for the laugh,” Murphy wrote on a Facebook post, accompanied by photos of the pair on rides at the themepark.

Murphy has since revealed on Facebook that he has been interviewed by US newspapers and offered radio interviews after his story spread online in just a day. 

“Life is fair random,” he wrote.