Teacher leaves classroom door open overnight, finds creepy whiteboard message the next day

'Drunk guy' came in for a late night serenade

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A teacher who accidentally left the back door to her classroom open overnight arrived to work the next day to find a partly terrifying, partly heartwarming message from an intruder on the whiteboard.

The teacher had written the day's schedule on the board, culminating in 'picnic & goodbye cards' between 11am and 12pm.

The day wasn't over just yet though, with someone later adding 'drunk guy comes in and plays guitar' during a 12am to 1am slot.

"My wife is a teacher and accidentally left the back door of her classroom open last night. She found this in the morning," the Redditor who posted the image wrote, though it is not clear whether someone genuinely did come in for a late night solo acoustic session, or if this was the inspired work of a mischievous student.

If so, it still wouldn't top the April Fool's prank of a Michigan student earlier in the year, who mortified their teacher with a fake pregnancy phone call she was forced to put on speakerphone.