Video: Watch time-lapse of 'The world's most decorated Christmas tree'

The tree in Finland had a total of 12,818 ornaments hung on it

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An impressive time-lapse video has been released showing what a group in Finland claim to be the world’s most decorated Christmas tree.

The video that lasts two and a half minutes, shows the group of decorators from Heinola in southern Finland adorning the tree with a staggering 12,818 ornaments.

A total of 7000 shots were cut together by photographer Leo Brinkmann to create the time-lapse effect.

Video courtesy of Newsflare

In the video we see a number of people entering the hall to help decorate and a scoreboard that keeps a running total of the number of baubles, pieces of tinsel and toys placed on the tree's branches.

According to the organisers from Heinola's Upper Secondary School, all of those that helped with the tree were volunteers ranging in ages.

Brinkmann, wrote online: "The rather ambitious mission was organised by Heinola's Upper Secondary School but soon became the whole town's mutual goal: decorations poured in from retirement homes, kindergartens, schools and even the prime minister himself took part."

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He added: "People of all ages, from toddlers to 80-year-olds helped the goal become true. Though quite materialistic, the final Christmas tree is a product of great joint effort, joy and many days of decorating by hundreds of helpful people."