Watch camera shy chimp filmed using tree branch to bat drone out of sky at Netherlands zoo

Now that is what you call a “drone-run”

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A camera shy chimp showed its aversion to modern technology last week when it was filmed using a branch to bat a drone from the air as it filmed the chimp's enclosure at a Dutch zoo.

In the video posted last Friday, the drone hovers above the enclosure as it films the group of chimpanzees at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem.

However, it is soon spotted by one of the chimps, and unhappy about the unwanted intruder the chimp proceeds to pick up a nearby stick and take a swing. After failing to hit the drone with the first hit, the chimp tries again and manages to smash the craft out of the air, sending it falling to the ground.

Once on the ground, the other chimps surround the fallen craft to inspect the “unidentified flying object”.

The zoo’s staff later explained that the drone had been completely destroyed as a result of the attack but the GoPro managed to survive the fall.

Writing under the video that has been watched over 840,000 times on YouTube, the zoo wrote: “Royal chimpanzees of Burgers' Zoo have proven once again how intelligent they are.

"The animals immediately armed themselves with long sticks to protect themselves from the prying electronic intruder."