Authorities intercept $200 million in cocaine heading to US on mini-submarine

Agents detected and arrested the suspects on March 2

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Texas authorities have intercepted a semi-submersible vessel attempting to bring $200 million in cocaine into the United States.

US Customs and Border Protection agents aboard a surveillance aircract detected the vessel along the Eastern Pacific ocean. Agents arrested four people who operated the self-propelled vessel. The mini-sub was carrying 12,800 pounds (5.5 tons) of cocaine and began to sink after the raid on March 2.

“This type of cooperation and teamwork produces these kinds of results where suspects are arrested and narcotics prevented from reaching U.S. shores,” John Wassong, director at the National Air Security Operations Center, said in a statement on Thursday. “Our crews will continue to take every opportunity to disrupt this type of transnational criminal activity.”

In 2015, US Customs and Border Protection agents completed 198 seizures, disruptions and interdiction events, confiscating 213,000 pounds of cocaine during the fiscal year.