Baby 'thrown' from mother's womb survives motorcycle crash in China

Strangers are now giving money and gifts to the baby boy whose parents were killed in the accident

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An unborn baby in China has survived after it was reportedly ‘thrown’ from his mother’s womb during a fatal motorcycle crash that killed both of his parents.

When heavily pregnant Wang Zhau went into labour, she and father Mao Zhua boarded his motorbike and headed to the hospital.

During the journey, a lorry hit his vehicle and ran over the woman’s stomach, the Mirror reported.

“Eye witnesses said that when the woman was hit by the truck she gave birth on the spot,” police spokesman Chan Chien said.

“Others said that the baby, which was healthy 4.2 kg, had been thrown out of the woman's belly and had landed three meters away.

"What we found out from her family is that the woman, a 40-year-old, had gone into labour at 8:30 AM and her husband, a 42-year-old man, decided to take her by motorbike to the hospital rather than waiting for an ambulance," he added.

Police have confirmed the truck driver is being held in investigative custody.

It is understood that baby boy, who has since been named Xiao Zhao, is doing well in hospital after he suffered only minor bruises in the accident.

The news has made headlines in China, where strangers have given gifts and donationed money to the orphaned child.