Chile earthquake live: Tsunami warnings issued as coastal nations brace on both sides of Pacific

Large waves and dangerous sea conditions are expected in next 24 hours after a huge 8.3-magnitude quake struck just off the coast of Chile

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Here are the latest updates:

Death toll rises to five in Chile after earthquake

One million people evacuated from coastal areas

• Tsunami alerts issued from California to New Zealand

• Hawaii expects waves to hit from 3am (2pm BST)

• To hit New Zealand, Australia and Japan later

At least 30 significant aftershocks follow first quake

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Tsunami warnings have been issued across both sides of the Pacific after a magnitude 8.3 earthquake struck off the coast of Chile, killing at least five people.

The powerful quake shook buildings as far south as Chile's capital, Santiago, around 175 miles (280km) away from the epicentre.

Around one million people have been evacuated from coastal areas, officials said, which were hit by widespread flooding.

While the effects are expected to be less severe elsewhere, advisories were issued for other parts of South America, Hawaii, California and French Polynesia.

In New Zealand, warnings were issued for residents in eastern coastal areas. Authorities urged people to stay away from beaches amid concerns for "unusually strong currents and unpredictable water flows near the shore".

Data from the US Geological Survey suggested that there had been 30 significant aftershocks in the hours since the initial quake, which occurred just off the coast, 30 miles west of Illlapel.