Couple have 'weed tent' at wedding and guests say it changed their lives

The event in Oregon featured a tent with 13 different types of weed

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A couple who installed a weed tent at their wedding have spoken of their delight that guests found it to be "a life-changing event".

John Elledge married Whitney Alexander on the family Christmas tree farm in Oregon last month.

And to make sure the event ended on a high, the bride and groom installed a pot bar for guests to enjoy at their wedding reception.

Mr Elledge, a professional marijuana grower, told USA Today that 13 different types of weed were available to family and friends, served to them by a ‘bud tender’ who helped guests make their choices.

“We were shocked, utterly shocked at the response,” he told the television station.

“I’m still getting 15 to 20 texts a day from people saying what a life-changing event that was and what a great experience it was to have a smoke tent there.

“With the new recreational laws [in Oregon] you can only have up to eight ounces on private property.  We had 13 different strains there.”

He said the oldest person to pop in for some pot was an 81-year-old female guest.

“[She] hadn’t smoked weed since the ‘60s.  She loved it.” 

Oregon was the first state in America to decriminalise the possession of small amounts of cannabis and among the first to authorise its use for medical purposes.

Earlier this year, the state’s governor signed an emergency bill declaring the sale of marijuana to recreational users from dispensaries to be legal from 1 October.