Donald Trump: The Republican candidate's views on abortion, immigration and gun control

Can the Republican frontrunner maintain his current momentum?

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"The Donald" is leading national polls and igniting interest amongst Americans across the country. He's also alienated himself from fellow Republicans without revealing detailed plans to influence public policy — which may prove to be his triumph or downfall.


Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to the news cycle will recall Mr Trump’s offensive remarks on Mexican-Americans. Mr Trump told CNN that illegal immigrants are “rapists” and “drug dealers.” The former reality television star recently unveiled his 5 point plan to reform immigration.

Mr Trump promises to deploy an additional 25,000 border agents, Predator drones, build a massive fence, shut down “cozy” detention centers to rush deportations, oppose the DREAM act, and end future tuition benefits of illegal immigrants.


After being a long-time supporter of pro-choice, the presidential hopeful now has changed his views to align with the Republican party. He told the Des Moines Register in April that he's now a pro-life supporter.

“If you look at it, I said, ‘It really, really troubles me, and it really, really bothers me, the whole concept of abortion.’ This was years ago, and even then it really bothered me, but I went on the other side of the line,” Mr Trump said.

“But in thinking about it over the years, I’ve had instances, and one instance in particular, a friend had a child who they were going to abort, and now they have it, and the child is incredible. And the man, he changed his views also because of that.”

He also recently told the Hugh Hewitt Show that he's willing to shut down the government in order to defund Planned Parenthood.

Gun Control

While campaigning in Charleston, South Carolina in July, Mr Trump voiced his opposition to gun-free zones.

"We have to get rid of that whole gun-free zone nonsense and just stop it. We gotta stick up for the Second Amendment,” he said according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

On Twitter, he previously echoed the same attitude after the shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee on 16 July.

"Get rid of gun free zones. The four great marines who were just shot never had a chance. They were highly trained but helpless without guns."