Hillary Clinton asks students to use three emojis to express their feelings on student loan debt

*Twenty-five fire emojis and a black man in a red shirt running toward them*

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Hillary Clinton has asked youngster to explain how college debt makes them feel — with the power of emojis.

After unveiling her $350 billion college affordability plan, the Democratic frontrunner has made a new approach to engage millenials.

When you ask people to describe their student debt woes with emojis, you best believe your followers will respond with plenty poop emojis.

However, not all were impressed by Ms Clinton's effort to engage young people.

Maybe this will become a series and Americans can look forward to expressing themselves on series issues — the fight against the Islamic State, climate change, the Black Lives Matter movement and vaccines — by way of three emojis.


Hillary Clinton's $350 billion plan to help college students