House arrest brings TV stardom for Mob suspect

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There is nothing wrong with house arrest, especially if you are a well-connected alleged Mob figure with a taste for the good life and aspirations to star in your own television series.

Such has been the happy fate of Christopher Colombo, on bail awaiting trial in Manhattan on federal charges of racketeering, extortion and loansharking, carrying a possible jail term of up to 60 years.

But Mr Colombo put his enforced idleness to good use. On 24 November, he stars in the premiere of a comedy show entitledHouse Arrest, described by the HBO network as "a docu-comedy based on reality".

The reality appears to be extremely agreeable. An HBO news release says in one episode Mr Colombo "visits a reiki therapist, a strip club, a Bronx tailor, a church confessional, his favourite Chinese restaurant and a nightclub".

The federal prosecutor was not amused and has asked for stricter bail terms.