Rupert Cornwell


Rupert Cornwell has been a foreign correspondent for over 40 years, based in Paris, Brussels, Rome, Bonn, Moscow and Washington. He joined The Independent at its founding in 1986 as Moscow correspondent, after 14 years with the Financial Times. He has spent 21 years in the US, 12 of them as Washington bureau chief. In 1983 he published God's Banker, about Roberto Calvi, the Italian banker found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge.

Don't write Donald Trump off after his disastrous debate

On the eve of the debate he had pulled back into a dead heat, partly thanks to more disciplined campaigning, his opponent’s errors (including that reference to Trump supporters as a 'basket of deplorables') and some pseudo-revelations about the Clinton Foundation

Donald Trump is painting a new image of himself - and it may work

There was Trump on the world stage, saying the right things at the joint press conference afterwards, the personification of diplomacy and politeness. Heavens, one thought, maybe he wouldn’t be so bad after all, maybe he wouldn’t press the nuclear button at a perceived insult during an international summit

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Bernie Sanders has unleashed a revolution he can't control

He could have done a Ted Cruz, the bitter runner-up who goes to the convention and still refuses to endorse his conqueror on the floor. That would have thrilled his die-hard followers. He's chosen to live in 'the real world – but have the 'Bernie or Bust' crowd?