Rupert Cornwell


Rupert Cornwell has been a foreign correspondent for over 40 years, based in Paris, Brussels, Rome, Bonn, Moscow and Washington. He joined The Independent at its founding in 1986 as Moscow correspondent, after 14 years with the Financial Times. He has spent 21 years in the US, 12 of them as Washington bureau chief. In 1983 he published God's Banker, about Roberto Calvi, the Italian banker found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge.

Bernie Sanders has unleashed a revolution he can't control

He could have done a Ted Cruz, the bitter runner-up who goes to the convention and still refuses to endorse his conqueror on the floor. That would have thrilled his die-hard followers. He's chosen to live in 'the real world – but have the 'Bernie or Bust' crowd?

Why Americans don't care about the Chilcot report

One of Blair’s correct observations – in a letter to Bush setting out his political difficulties at home – was that “people just don't have the same sense of urgency post 9/11 as people in the US"

A two-woman presidential ticket is overdue

The question as to whether 'Americans are ready' for two women on the ticket is irrelevant and insulting. What is important are Ms Warren's qualifications for the job

Donald Trump has a lot in common with Brexit campaigners

If you’re older you’re more likely to be pro-Trump and pro-Brexit. The young and better educated in the UK take Europe for granted. In America, they’re mostly immune to the appeal of Trump. Unfortunately, the old vote, and the young aren’t

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Stars, politicians and 15,000 fans turn out to send off Muhammed Ali

The people's champ could not have wished for a more perfect send-off. The sky over his native Louisville was crystal blue. Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis – two of his successors when the heavyweight crown still meant something – were among the pall bearers. At the funeral service a king was in attendance and a former president spoke. But, best of all, the people, the ordinary people who he had thrilled, inspired, and given hope, were there en masse to say goodbye.

Hillary Clinton is on the attack

Donald Trump is the main enemy now, not Bernie Sanders. For weeks he’s been lambasting Clinton and now she’s finally starting to mount some serious return fire, while reminding California voters of her strongest selling point: her experience