Idaho mountain lion found with 'teeth growing out of the top of its head'

The teeth may have been part of a conjoined twin

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A mountain lion, killed in the US, has been found with a set of teeth growing from the top of its head, according to wildlife officials.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said the teeth may have been part of a conjoined twin, which died in the womb.

They have also suggested the unusual feature could be a type of tumour.

Biologists in the area said the lion, which was shot legally by a hunter on 30 December, is the first they are aware of to have a deformity of this kind.

The lion was hunted and killed after it attacked a dog near the town of Weston, Idaho. The dog is believed to have survived the attack.

A conservation officer who checked the lion's body found the set of teeth and what was seemingly a set of whiskers on the left side of the cat's forehead.

Mountain lions, a species of big cat native to the US, are fairly common in Idaho.

According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the predators have large home ranges of between 50 to 150 square miles and pray on animals such as deer, elk, moose, mountain goats, and sheep.

They are also known to eat raccoons, rabbits, and other small mammals. Occasionally, they will prey on domesticated pets and livestock.