Majid Khan: Guantanamo Bay detainee alleges CIA sexual abuse beyond original torture report

Allegations exceed 2014's Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture

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A Guantanamo Bay inmate has alleged that the Central Intelligence Agency has used sexual abuse and more forms of torture than what were previously disclosed.

Majid Khan, a former inmate turned government-cooperating witness, told Reuters that interrogators poured ice water on his genitals, videotaped him nude and repeatedly touched his private parts.

The detailed information was never mentioned in the scathing Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture released in December 2014.

Mr Khan also said that the interrogators had smelled of alcohol and threatened to beat him with baseball bats, hammers and leather belts.

In response, Naureen Shah, director of Amnesty International USA’s Security and Human Rights Program, released a statement condemning the alleged torture.

“The horrific abuses brought to light today must be answered for. It is inconceivable that these allegations of heinous and torturous acts could have been unknown to the U.S. government until recently,” she said.

“If that truly is the case, it only underscores the Department of Justice’s obligation to reopen and expand its investigations into CIA torture.”

Mr Khan is the only known US resident held in the detention center after being detained in his native country of Pakistan while visiting his wife in 2006.