An armed man walked into a sex toy and lingerie store in San Bernardino, California on Wednesday night and attempted to rob the cash registers behind the sales counter while workers were closing the shop.

The robber’s plans were quickly foiled when the two Lotions & Lace employees unleashed a barrage of flying dildos and masturbation toys at the suspect.

“With the gun, he walked in. I just thought he was trying to be funny, to scare us,” one of the employees told ABC 7. “But then I saw the gun and it was like, really? I don’t have time for this.”

When the suspect grabbed her, her coworker began pelting the man with rubber sex toys until he retreated. The man left the store without making off with any stolen items.

"I think he was a coward," the other worker admitted. "Coming in and trying to get over on two females and not realizing that we're pretty feisty."

Police are still searching for the suspect and are analyzing security footage of the incident.