Teacher forced to resign after student steals her phone and shares nude pictures with rest of class

School's superintendent unsure if pupil will face disciplinary measures

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A teacher has been forced to resign after a student stole her phone and shared nude pictures of her with other pupils.

School officials at Union Country High School, South Carolina, told Leigh Anne Arthur - who had been a teacher at the school for 13 years - her contract would be terminated if she did not resign.

David Eubanks, superintendent of the district, said the teacher was at fault for leaving her phone unlocked on her desk when she went out of the room, according to New York Daily News.


Mr Eubanks added that the teacher’s actions may have added to the delinquency of a minor.

The mechatronics teacher – a mixture of engineering and IT– maintains the incident was not her fault and said the student should be expelled, in line with school policy.

But Mr Eubanks said he was not sure if the student would face any disciplinary measures, according to The State.

Union County High School

Ms Arthur said she knew who stole her phone and shared the photos, as the student told her “your day of reckoning is coming”.

Speaking to WSPA, she said: “The whole premise of my privacy being invaded is being ignored and that’s wrong.”

She said she forgave the student, but planned to press charges.

An online petitionstarted by her students, to have the teacher reinstated at the school has attracted more than 900 signatures.