Teen in Fall Out Boy shirt 'protecting' Ferguson cops quickly becomes meme

'I would rather get hit by something than let it hit them'

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Never underestimate the power of an image.

This particular image was posted to Twitter by Lynden Steele, the St Louis Post-Dispatch’s Director of Photography, showing 19-year-old Fall Out Boy fan Lexi “protecting” cops from a peaceful protest.

"I would rather get hit by something than let it hit them,” she said.

Fortunately, the young girl was safe. Fortunately for the Internet-goers who recognise the irony of the situation —  a white teen “standing up” for the 92% Caucasian-staffed police force who was criticised by the Department of Justice for unlawful racial bias against African-Americans in traffic stops, warrants issued, use of force, harassment and many other troubling offenses outlined in the 2014 Ferguson Police Department — a meme was born.

The Internet chose the teen to guard other aspects of popular culture including: New York Jets Quarterback Gino Smith, Lord Voldemort’s army and more.