The Silence of the Lambs house where Buffalo Bill lived is up for sale

The property in Pennsylvania is where Buffalo Bill kept his dungeon

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Horror film fans with deep pockets and strong stomachs can now buy a house inhabited by a serial killer featured in The Silence of the Lambs.

The three-storey Victorian property in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, was home to serial killer Jame Gumb, aka Buffalo Bill, in the Oscar-winning 1991 film.

The film shows the house as a squalid, dusty mess, where Bill devotes his time to making a suit out of women’s skin, and FBI agent Clarice Starling confronts him.

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But while movie-lovers will likely remember the house for its pit dungeon and its terrifying occupant, for current owners Scott and Barbara Lloyd, both 63, the property is where they got married, raised their son and prepared for retirement.

“I could see somebody doing something fun with this”, Mrs Lloyd told the Pittsburgh Tribune, suggesting that the home could be transformed into a horror-themed bread and breakfast.

And despite its eerie on-screen history, film crews have long moved out of the red-brick house, which is complete with five bedrooms, a garage, a pool, and a pantry, with an asking price of £300,000, according to realtor Berkshire Hathaway.