Tractor driver Dustin C Clouse arrested after 2-hour-long 18mph police chase

“This was an unusual pursuit," said Mercer County's Sheriff

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Video footage has emerged appearing to show part of a strikingly slow-speed police chase, in which officers in the US state of Ohio pursued a man driving a tractor for two hours.

Police officers arrested Dustin C. Clouse of North Decatur, Indiana, on Monday evening, after they received a call regarding vandalism.

The 18mph chase began at around 7:30pm in his home state, and ended in neighbouring Ohio.

While driving the farming machinery, the 20-year-old hit several vehicles and tried to ram into a police cruiser, according to Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey.

He also attempted to swerve the vehicle in order to hit a deputy, said Sheriff Jeff Grey, according to

The chase ended only when the tractor Clouse was driving stopped due to mechanical problems. Officers used a Taser gun against Clouse when he refused to leave the tractor, and he was taken into custody, Sheriff Grey said.

He was then examined at Mercer Health hospital, as is routine when police use a Taser gun, the Sheriff added.

“This was an unusual pursuit, we are happy that no one from the public, Mr. Clouse, or law enforcement was injured,” stated Sheriff Grey.

“Law enforcement agencies from both states worked well together to bring this to a safe conclusion," he added.

Clouse’s case will be reviewed by the Mercer County and Adams County Prosecutor’s Office, the website reported.