Trending: Babyccinos? Been there, got the milk 'tache


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Oh, Brooklyn, capital of all things hipsterish and well-coiffured, we love you, but you are losing your touch. Early last week New York mag reported that the plaid-clad parents of on-trend Fort Greene and Park Slope in Brooklyn are all in thrall to the "babyccino" – oodles of foam and a sprinkle of cocoa in a tiny mug.

It is, the mag says, the drink of choice for the well-heeled toddler; or at least the choice of the well-heeled parents for their toddlers .

All very nice and lovely. But as any fixie-bike riding British scenester will tell you, a babyccino is, like, so totally two thousand and late. Half way through the last decade, London's mummies and daddies could be found cajoling the coffee shop owners of Shoreditch and Stoke Newington to whip up one of these daft drinks for little Tristan or Loveday. You can even get them in staid old Pizza Express.

So our economy may be failing and Scotland may be about to divorce us, but at least we can celebrate the fact that our hipsters are obviously much cooler than their hipsters.