Two men awarded $1.6 million in police brutality case

The incident took place more than six years ago

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Miguel Contreras and Miguel Vazquez, two cousins who accused Long Beach police officers of using excessive force, were awarded $1.6 million by a federal jury on Friday.

The cousins claimed that on November 27, 2010, both Lieutenant David Faris and Officer Michael Hynes beat them with batons and broke one of their hands by stomping it without provocation, The Press Telegram reports. Thankfully, the beatings were recorded from a nearby apartment, capturing the sound of multiple baton strikes as the men lied face down on the ground. The video became public for the first time last Wednesday.

Mr Hynes allegedly blindsided Mr Contreras, striking him more than a dozen times with his baton, and causing multiple bone fractures just above his elbow. Mr Contreras was required to undergo two surgeries and he can no longer fully extend his arm, his attorney told The Telegram.

At the conclusion of the joint trial, jurors awarded $1.25 million to Mr Contreras and $375,000 to Mr Vazquez.

“I feel vindicated after six years of listening to their side that it was our fault,” Mr Contreras told reporters after the decision. “To hear that found in our favor it was the biggest relief ever.”