Bernie Sanders is more popular than Hillary Clinton among millennial voters

A new poll found that Sanders holds an 11 percent lead with voters under 35-years-old

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Hillary Clinton may want to reevaluate her strategy to engage millennials.

A new poll conducted by USA TODAY/Rock the Vote finds that most potential voters under the age of 35 strongly favour Bernie Sanders over Ms Clinton.

Sanders enjoys an 11 percent lead in the survey, receiving 46 to 35 percent from young folks. The findings are quite revealing considering all the pandering Ms Clinton does to appeal to young people: dabbing on folks, doing the Nae Nae, taking interviews with Lena Dunham and even a scheduling a guest appearance on Broad City.

More than 1,000 adults aged 18 through 34 participated in the survey in part for the first survey of USA TODAY's One Nation initiative. On the Republican side of the polls, millennials supported Donald Trump over most candidates with 26 percent.

Millennials also said in the study that they are most concerned about the economy. Issues such as the job market, minimum wage and paid leave were the main areas of concern.

While the Sanders campaign lead amongst most of the youngsters, non-white 19 through 35-year-old were split between both candidates.