Five reasons why people are voting for Hillary Clinton in November

She's one of the most qualified candidates to run for office

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The next leader of the free world will be decided this November and we'll most likely see Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump winning the race to the White House. Here are reasons voters will be writing in Ms Clinton as the next president.

1. If you’re a Black Lives Matter supporter than you really have no choice but to choose Ms Clinton over Mr Trump or a third party candidate. Largely thanks to the work of one protester in South Carolina, she finally responded to public criticism over her super predator remarks in the 1990s.

She’s also released detailed plans to reform the criminal justice system. According to the activists at Campaign Zero, the only presidential nominee on November’s ballot with a slight edge on Ms Clinton is Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who’s advocating for community oversight boards with subpoena and indictment powers of police departments and the end of for-profit policing. Hillary is promising that she’ll end broken windows policing, limit the use of force by officers, train them on crisis intervention and de-escalation, and demilitarize police departments across the country.

2. She’s likely the best option for Bernie Sanders supporters to turn to, especially since she has the Vermont Senator’s support. Isaac Saul, a lead editor at A Plus and hardcore supporter of Mr Sanders, is now backing Ms Clinton for president. In a recent editorial, he’s forgiven her support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and inability to propose progressive solutions to climate change. He now considers her the most qualified person for the job.

Speaking to The Independent, Mr Saul says he’s still sticking my the Clinton campaign despite the recent Wall Street speeches leaked online.

“The WikiLeaks revelations are not good for Hillary; they confirm suspicions that she has a cozy relationship with the media and gives different talking points depending on who's in front of her,” he said over email on Wednesday.

“That being said, unless you're naive, everyone should understand this as being the relationship between politicians and the media or rich donors in 2016. That's just how it is. If the RNC was hacked I'm sure we'd find far worse in terms of cutting breaks for big oil, or racists, or 2nd Amendment advocates."

Mr Saul is also calling for all Sanders supporters to back the Clinton campaign, as its "the most progressive party platform our country has ever seen."

3.  She wants to raise taxes on the rich and close loopholes for corporations. Her 65 per cent tax of the largest estates in the US would generate $260 billion in the next ten years, the Wall Street Journal reports. In direct comparison, Mr Trump has bragged about receiving tax breaks.

4. She’s planning on raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour and supports 12 weeks of paid parental and family leave. She’s also campaigned on the promise to close the gender pay gap, urging the passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act.

The bill would ensure that workers aren’t fired for asking how much their fellow co workers make. While speaking at a Glassdoor event in April, Ms Clinton said that workers “should absolutely be prohibited that you would be retaliated against or fired if you either deliberately or inadvertently learn information about your coworkers’ salaries and benefits.”

5. She also supports the funding of Planned Parenthood, access to birth control, and abolishing the Hyde amendment. 

"Everything I have seen has convinced me that life is freer, fairer, healthier, safer, and far more humane when women are empowered to make their own reproductive health decisions," she said in her first speech as the Democratic nominee. This is also in direct contrast to Mr Trump saying that he will punish women who seek abortions.

"Anyone who would so casually agree to the idea of punishing women—like it was nothing to him, the most obvious thing in the world—that is someone who doesn't hold women in high regard," she said. "Because if he did, he'd trust women to make the right decisions for ourselves."