Donald Trump's visit to the UK 'will be rescheduled' to avoid embarrassing him

Holding it in late summer means that parliament will be in recess – and won't be around to object

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Donald Trump's trip to the UK will be delayed to avoid embarrassing him, according to reports.

The visit will be postponed until sometime between late August and the end of September, according to a report from The Guardian. That will mean that it can be held while Parliament is in recess – and MPs are not around to embarrass the President by objecting to him.

Mr Trump will head to the UK on a short visit between a Sunday and a Thursday, according to the report. It's unlikely that he'll spend much time in London because of the huge protests that are expected to greet him.

London protests against US President Donald Trump

Westminster has already been filled with numerous protests against Mr Trump's Muslim ban as well as his Presidency in general.

The change was announced soon after House of Commons speaker John Bercow said that he would veto any attempt to have Mr Trump address Parliament. That has led to controversy across Westminster, and he is now facing a motion of no confidence from MPs.

The trip had initially been scheduled to happen around June, according to a comment from the London police chief last week.

It has also been suggested that the Government might look to move the visit away from London, as a way of avoiding any protests. But politicians and activists have warned the President that he won't be able to escape the "biggest protest in British history", no matter where the trip gets moved to.

Theresa May was the first European leader to meet Mr Trump in the White House, heading there just days after he was elected.

It was during that event that Ms May passed on the now controversial invitation from the Queen.