Video: The reversing joydriver who brought havoc to Hollywood Boulevard

Police are investigating a case of reckless driving after a car was driven backwards through busy streets of Los Angeles for over two miles

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A driver in Los Angeles has filmed the car in front of him driving casually backwards for over two miles.

LAPD are investigating what they called some of the most reckless driving they have ever seen and said it is surprising that no one was hurt.

Although there were no collisions, there were a few close calls when the reverse driver almost veered into a pedestrian and oncoming traffic.

Two people were seen in the car, a man driving and a woman passenger. The driver maneuvers backwards around other cars at busy junctions and through the steep, winding roads.

Kevin Zanazanian who filmed the incident just before rush hour on Thursday, told CBS: “I just think either this individual had an argument or a fight or something or just possibly just wanted to be a cool guy.”

The car reversed down Mulholland Drive and Laurel Canyon Boulevard for two miles towards Sunset Boulevard.

At one point, the driver comes close to a pedestrian, and several times, it crosses the double-yellow lines, narrowly missing oncoming traffic.

Sergeant Tito Mariano of LAPD said that the driver could be arrested for “reckless driving, unsafe speed, crossing double-yellow lines, and failure to drive on the right half of the roadway.”

“Imagine if it was you or your family member driving and being struck by someone doing something irresponsible,” the sergeant said.

Police are using the car’s license plates to contact the dealership where it was sold and track down the driver.