Trainee ninja wanted in Japan: no experience necessary, book of secrets provided

The successful candidate will be given a uniform and ninjitsu lessons

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Tired of the daily grind? Willing to move to Japan and train as an entry-level ninja? Then look no further than Japan's government-run employment website.

Previous experience is not essential, but preferred, and the successful candidate will like fellow ninjas - and children.   

While the pay is not especially high at 900 yen (£5.20) per hour, being a ninja offers great job satisfaction and the perks are plenty. Successful employees are promised black clothing, ninjitsu lessons, and a mysterious “book of secrets” to decipher and teach from.

Serious covert operations and sabotage will be thin on the ground, however, as the job is at the Tanaka Ninja School in Nagoya, where ninjas teach children of primary school age and older, the Huffington Post reported.

The institution is part of a larger organisation that offers cultural classes for youngsters and adults, and also holds lessons in calligraphy and foreign languages including Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

Rather than assassinations and espionage, ninja lessons focus on the student’s attitude and co-operation, as well as ninja etiquette and greetings.  

"It's no problem if you can't do acrobatics and martial arts because you will not be teaching acrobatics and martial arts," the advert reassures candidates.