Australian cyclists may have to carry licences as New South Wales government considers trial law

Cycle-advocacy groups have said that they will not support the decision

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Australian cyclists could be made to carry licences similar to that of motorists under new plans being considered by one local authority.

New South Wales’ Roads Minister Duncan Gay has reportedly held two meetings to consider introducing a trial that would see cyclists over 16 forced to carry licences – and bring the penalties cyclists face if they break the law in line with that of motorists.

However, in order to keep costs down it is thought cyclists over 18 may only be required to carry already existing forms of photographic identification.

Mr Gay told reporters that he was “increasingly persuaded” by the idea, The Sydney Morning Post reported, but the idea has not been well received by cycle-advocacy groups.

The Bicycle Network told members on Tuesday it would not support changes to ID laws.

In a statement the group claimed that implementing compulsory ID “fails to assist in preventing injury to bike riders.”

Cyclist may also face an AUS$69 fine for breaking the law at the moment, but the change could see the consequences increased in line with that of motoring infractions.

The discussion included the Motor Accident Authority, cycling groups Bicycle Network, Bicycle NSW, the Amy Gillett Foundation, Cycling NSW, and the Pedestrian Council.