Clinton women plan a law suit

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NOT ALL the President's women, perhaps, but a dozen or so of them are reportedly planning to meet in Dallas later this month to compare stories and explore the prospects for a joint lawsuit against Bill Clinton. The tantalising prospect, which has the potential to prolong the First Family's embarrassment just as Mrs Clinton is broaching her run for the Senate, has been reported by the Internet gossip reporter, Matt Drudge, citing lawyers for some of the women.

According to the report, many of the women will be disclosing their association with Mr Clinton for the first time; it will also be the first time that any of them has met any of the others. President Clinton is on record - in Monica Lewinsky's sworn testimony - as having told her that he had tried to change his ways once he turned 40. She quoted him as saying he had affairs with "hundreds" of women before that.

Those who might attend a meeting have not been named, but will not apparently include Kathleen Willey - the volunteer who alleged Mr Clinton groped her: she is to marry soon and wants to put the episode behind her. Also missing is likely to be the most celebrated of Mr Clinton's women, Monica Lewinsky.