Clintons owe millions to Whitewater lawyers

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Clintons owe millions to Whitewater lawyers

President Clinton and his wife are technically "virtually bankrupt" as a result of $2.3m (pounds 1.4m) of unpaid legal bills from the Whitewater investigation, while the legal defence fund set up to raise money to cover them is so broke it is charging reporters $2 a head for lists of donors.

According to the fund's latest six-monthly report, it raised just $57,523 in the second half of 1996. The Clintons owe $2.2m to the Williams & Connolly law firm alone for work on Whitewater. The President was "as a technical matter virtually bankrupt," his spokesman Mike McCurry said. But Mr Clinton expected to be "a young, vigorous and employable ex-president", and planned to repay his debts in full. Rupert Cornwell - Washington