Norwegian Islamists form 'Soldiers of Allah' in response to Soldiers of Odin patrols

Report says members will wear a black hoodie decorated with Islamic State flags

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Islamists in Norway claim to have formed a 'Soldiers of Allah' group in response to the rise of the right-wing vigilante group the Soldiers of Odin.

Norwegian newspaper VG quoted Islamist sources in Oslo as saying the new group, officially calling itself Jundullaah, would patrol the streets of the capital.

"In response to the infidel group Soldiers of Odin patrols, we Muslims have chosen to create a group that will patrol the streets, first in Oslo, to prevent evil and encourage the good," VG quoted its source as saying.

There were also claims that the Soldiers of Allah would wear a black hoodie decorated with black Islamic State flags as their official uniform.

Norwegian police have not commented on the group.

A report on The Local quoted Hadia Tajik, an MP with Norway's Labour party, as saying there was no place for vigilantism in Norway,

"I assume that the police, who are the only ones who have the authority to patrol the streets and use force, are following these groups as closely as the circumstances require," she said.

Named after the Norse god, the Soldiers of Odin were formed in Finland but spread to Norway this year.

The group describes itself as "patriotic" and uses anti-immigration rhetoric.

Its members are often seen wearing black coats bearing the group's insignia, and have been spotted patrolling the streets in some of Norway's major cities.