Russia devises ingenious way to stop people abusing disabled parking spots

A hologram appears when a car without a disabled badge tries to park there

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A Russian disabled charity has come up with an ingenious way of preventing able-bodied drivers parking in disabled parking spaces.

When a driver without a disabled badge tries to park in a disabled space, a hologram of a person in a wheelchair pops up and berates them.

Cameras detect whether cars are displaying the badge in their windscreen.

According to a slickly-produced video uploaded to YouTube, devised by Moscow-based advertising agency Y&R, the disabled man says: "Yes, I'm real.

"Please find another place to park."

The video is accompanied by the claim that more than 30% of the drivers in Russia "take disabled parking spaces without caring about the signs on the ground".

Which prompts obvious questions about enforcement.

As one YouTube commenter says: "Or... the cops in Russia could do their f***ing jobs and/or get the car towed."

The hologram stunt has already popped up in shopping centres in Moscow, according to the IFLScience! website.