Snowless ski resort turns to desperate measures to cover bare slopes in Austria

Creative approach employed to counter result of unseasonably mild weather

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A ski resort in Austria has been forced to adopt some unusual methods to make up for the lack of snow on its Alpine slopes.

Video shows the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser in the Brixental Valley using snow cannons to try and create more snow by spraying a fine mist into the air.

The new snow is then seen being pushed down the slope in a thin track for skiers gathering at the top of the otherwise sparse mountainside.

Snow cannons are used to try and make more snow for skiers

The video then pans over to a helicopter, which can be seen carrying fresh snow from high altitude snowfields, according to media outlet The Local.

The snow from the helicopter is carried down towards the bottom of the slope, presumably to provide skiers wobbling down the track with a soft landing.

A helicopter is seen bringing fresh snow to the slope

According to The Local, Skiwelt’s managers said the track is crucial to link one part of the resort to another.

They said they were forced to keep the route open to allow 25,000 skiers and holidaymakers to reach different parts of the resort, and tha their main aim was to ensure enjoyment of the slope.

With temperatures aboves the seasonal average across Europe, some ski resorts have reported an 11% drop in business.

“Because of the mild weather, even snow technology could not be used to the usual extent,” Andreas Keller, of the Swiss cable car association, told the Financial Times.