US F-16 fighter jet crashes in southern Germany

The pilot was able to eject to safety in the incident in Bavaria

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An American air force jet has crash landed in southern Germany in a training exercise at a US air base.

The incident occurred at 9:38am local time near Engelmannsreuth in Bavaria, a spokesman for the 52nd Fighter Wing of the US Air Force said.

The pilot managed to safely eject from the plane and jettisoned the fuel tanks over an unpopulated area.

According to the local police, the pilot is being treated minor injuries after being found in the nearby woods by a passer-by.

The F-16 fighter jet was carrying six 11 kg trainee munitions, no live munitions were onboard.

The crash is believed to have occurred during a training exercise in U.S. Army Garrison in Grafenwoehr, Bavaria.

Additional reporting by Reuters