Russia in Syria: Russian warplanes 'attack CIA-backed Syrian rebel groups' in second day of bombing

Earlier today, John McCain confirmed that US-backed rebels had been attacked by Russia

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As more nations enter the fray in Syria and the conflict becomes even more chaotic, two Russian airstrikes have reportedly hit a training camp operated by a Syrian rebel group that received military training and weapons from the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The attack, against a training camp run by the Liqa Suqour al-Jabal group, part of the loosely-knit Free Syrian Army (FSA), is believed to be the third Russian air raid againt a rebel group that has received support from President Bashar al-Assad's foreign enemies.

Hassan Haj Ali, leader of the group, claims that around 20 missiles were fired at the camp, in two separate passes.

No one was killed in the attacks, but two guards at the camp were slightly wounded, he said.

The CIA has long been running a 'covert' training programme for anti-Assad rebels that they deem moderate enough to receive help.

Commanders were heavily vetted by the CIA, with the Wall Street Journal reporting in January that rebel leaders had their email messages and phone calls tapped by US intelligence, in order to determine their allegiances and levels of control over their fighters.

Haj Ali told Reuters that his fighters had received training from American forces in Qatar and Saudi Arabia in several sessions in the past.

US Senator John McCain has also said Russia is attacking US-backed rebels, telling CNN: "I can absolutely confirm to you that there were strikes against the Free Syrian Army or groups that have been armed and trained by the CIA because we have communication with people there."

Other rebel groups have also reportedly been targeted - the head of another FSA rebel group that had received heavy weapons from foreign countries said that his fighters had been targeted in Russian air strikes.

All foreign powers now involved in the conflict - America, Russia and Iran - want to fight Isis. However, Russia, an long-time ally of Syria, is supporting Assad, and is attacking both Isis and the other Syrian rebel groups opposed to his goverment.

The US, on the other hand, is trying to oust Assad, and wants to see a transition to a new Syrian government that they believe would end the conflict.