David Moyes sent to stands - then eats fans' crisps but turns down a peanut whilst watching Real Sociedad exit cup

The former Manchester United manager was punished for arguing with the referee, but at least it meant he could have a snack

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David Moyes found that being sent to the stands wasn't all bad last night when he was able to enjoy a snack offered to him by a fan.

However the offer of a nut was turned down by the former Manchester United manager.

The Real Sociedad boss was sitting in the stands for the Copa del Rey match against Villareal after being sent there for arguing with the referee.

Moyes had grown frustrated having seen a number of decisions go against his team and with nine minutes of the match remaining began to remonstrate with the official and gesture that he needed glasses. That earned him a place amongst the fans.

Yet the Scot was to find it wasn't the worst punishment when a generous supporter offered him crisp, which Moyes was only too happy to accept.

But an offer of what appeared to be a peanut didn't take his fancy, with the former Everton boss's mouth full from the crisp, he raised his hand to gesture he didn't want a nut.


Real Sociedad ended up drawing the game at the Anoeta, meaning they exited the cup 3-2 on aggregate.