Mario Balotelli: Funny stories about the new Liverpool striker

The Italian may or may not bring goals to Anfield - but it can be guaranteed he'll provide entertainment

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Mario Balotelli. It's a name that is likelier to conjure bizarre tabloid stories than incredible on-field performances.


But for that we love him - at least certainly in the press. And thanks to his £16m switch to Liverpool, the Italian striker has come back under the remit of us English journalists.

During his three seasons at Manchester City he was rarely out of the headlines, and to be fair, even during his 18 month return to Milan a few tales made their way over to England.

But with more tabloid stories than he's scored goals, you may well have missed some of them. So we've collated together the Balotelli tales. Many are impossible to verify, with un-named 'sources' providing much of the detail. But from chicken hats and fireworks to dealing with bullies and the Queen, the following stories all made it to print...


What's your favourite Balotelli moment? Are you pleased to see him return to the Premier League? Let us know in the comments below.