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If I had enough money I'd pack up the game. Julian Dicks, of West Ham, sent off three times this season, after being banned for two games.

This is a beautiful city with a beautiful river - and I know, I've walked on it for 18 years. Brian Clough, on being made a Freeman of Nottingham.

If I can't ask a linesman about a bit of pushing then we've got no chance. Graeme Souness, after being sent from the dug-out during the 1-1 draw at Crystal Palace.

They brought him in on the stretcher and he jumped off and said, 'thanks, lads.' Member of the Hillsborough staff on John Fashanu, sent off and carried off against Sheffield Wednesday.

Football here is an ugly fight even in under-nine games. We produce youngsters for the battlefield. John Cartwright, former technical director at Lilleshall.

We Are Still Royalists Because Nigel Is Still King Of The Poms. British banner at Surfers Paradise for Australian IndyCar Grand Prix.

Mansell Not Major. Ditto.

Nigel - Our Real Royal Family On Tour. Ditto.

England are so decrepit, so old and doddery like Dad's Army, the Aussies will shove it right up them this summer. Your bowling doesn't even rank as high as ordinary. They couldn't harry a granny. Jeff Thomson, former Australian fast bowler, on England.

Why can't we be friends? Alain Prost, on Ayrton Senna.

I'm the best heavyweight in the world. I'm not being cocky. Frank Bruno.