Grand National 2015 tips: The nine best (silliest) ways to pick a winner at Aintree

How to pick a winner and make mountains of cash*

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Predicting the winner of the Grand National is one of life's great mysteries.

One could spend weeks and months pouring over the form guide to pick the winner at Aintree, but it would be mostly futile - even the experts have little clue.

In the 68 races of the post-war era, only nine favourite or joint favourite horses have gone on to win the race; in fact a favourite is four times more likely to be out of the race altogether with favourites failing to finish on 36 occasions.

It's a minefield. But we're here to help.

Pick the favourite

Were you not reading above?? Picking the favourite is tempting but probably not a good choice - Shutthefrontdoor is currently at 7/1.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Go for the rank outsider

Picking the race's token nag is almost as tempting as picking the favourite. Imagine what you could do with all that cash if your 200/1 shot came in...

Pick the best name

A tried and trusted method. You could go for something clever, cool or tailor it to your love of films, art, sport or whatever.

Pick your favourite colour

Jockey's wear some smashing uniforms. Polka dots are so hot right now.

Listen to an 'expert'

We all know one, some clown who claims to be in the know when it comes to all things horses and racing. Or claims to have a 'mate' who is ITK.

You listen to this person because they won £50 on the National six years ago - what you don't know is that they picked based on the best name.

Pull a name out of a hat

You're a brave adventurer who will leave your fate in the hands of the Gods - if you win you too can become an expert.

Stick a pin in it

Rather than leaving everything up to chance you chose to follow your instincts. Put on a blindfold, get a drawing pin and let your gut guide you to your destiny.

Go with your sweepstake

Some try-hard at work will decide to take the afternoon off to set it up and you'll be handed a nag with a broken foot.

Next year you vow to set it up yourself as it takes a good four hours off your working week.

AP McCoy

It's his last Grand National. He's only won it once before - think of the narrative at stake.

Pick whatever horse McCoy is riding (you'd be picking the favourite but shhh) - it's been a winning strategy more than 4,000 times in his career.

*Or not