Sport: Quotes of the Week

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This is my work, this is my life. It's made of sweat and tears. Roberto Baggio, on why he cried after Italy's World Cup victory over Bulgaria.

You witnessed art today. Romario, Brazil's striker, after his side's victory over the Netherlands.

A bitter pill] Defeated by Bulgaria - a team that, instead of training, likes to lounge around by the pool, eating chips and sun-bathing. Bild, Germany's popular daily, after defeat by Bulgaria.

I have known for several years that I am a star. Now you all know I am a star. I had no doubt we would beat the Germans. Yordan Lechkov, scorer of Bulgaria's winner.

They'll just have to swallow it. They can swallow it with water, or with lemonade, or with Coca-Cola. People may not like it but I'm successful. Mario Zagalo, Brazil's assistant coach and World Cup winner three times as coach and player, on his critics.

I knew before the race that I was going to win. I feel like this has completed a hole my father left in his record. Damon Hill after his victory in the British Grand Prix, which his father, Graham, never won.