Sport: Quotes of the week

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I'll be good. I'm going to knuckle down and get back on good terms with everyone. Paul Gascoigne, the day before his dismissal for Lazio against Genoa.

His suspension would have been longer had he not acted in such a dignified manner after being sent off. He went off like a champion. Antonio Matarrese, president of the Italian League,

I'm sure they'd like another 10 like me. Gascoigne, on the suggestion that Lazio had been put off English players.

You're worse than San Marino. Spurs fans to Leeds during their team's 4-0 win.

It's not enough to catch a stable lad with a smoking syringe. Roger Buffham, head of Jockey Club security, on the difficulty of bringing convictions for doping.

He's in the dressing-room hanging himself. Brian Gayle, of Sheffield United, on his manager Dave Bassett after the 3-2 defeat to Southampton.

When you get an artificial ball, you are going to get artificial games. Bobby Gould, Wimbledon manager, advocates a return to an only leather ball.

What the hell does the opposition matter? You have to stamp on your rivals. Carlos Bilardo, Seville manager, berating his trainer for helping an opponent kicked in the face by Diego Maradona.

If Geoffrey had played cricket the way he talked he would have had people queueing up to get into the ground instead of queueing up to leave. Freddie Trueman on Geoff Boycott talking about the cricket tour of India.

1983 with Charlton. A transfer embargo, no players and about to get liquidated at any time. That was pressure. Lennie Lawrence, now manager of Middlesbrough, on relegation battles.

Very soon we will be down to one-a-side - one will be a priest and the other a minister. Kenny Dalglish, Blackburn manager, on sendings-off for swearing.

I'm Tony Adams - but not the footballer. Tony Adams, the footballer, to nurses after falling downstairs on a night out.