Sports Quotes of 1992: The world according to Eubank: 'I'm a businessman first and a boxer second'

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I'm a good man and a bad fighter . . . I've got the gladiator in me. Chris Eubank, boxer.

The topics that average people talk about are so small and beneath me that I can't handle it. Chris Eubank.

I really hate him. That strut, that shoulders-back stance. He makes me cringe. Eubank the man on his boxing persona.

I'll fight anyone I can beat. I'm a businessman first and a boxer second. I'm looking for the readies. The aim is to win at all costs. The reason why I'm such a successful pugilist is that no one knows my limitations better than me. I am quite good, but I am not the best in the world. But I am one of the best and I'm quite content with that. Eubank answers the charge that he picks only inferior opponents.

I have to smile a bit more. Be a bit more human and not aloof. I want to be seen in a softer light. Eubank on his image.

Colin McMillan is the best boxer, Nigel Benn is the hardest puncher, Paul Hodkinson is the best fighter. I'm the most successful because I can box a little, punch a little, strut a little and talk a little. I can do a little of everything. Eubank.

He is a gangster. He does not allow me to stop fighting. On the taxman.

People may say I have achieved a great deal in the last two years. But one man has lost his life, another has been maimed. There is no joy, no novelty left. I would swap everything - belt, money, fame - to see Michael Watson walk again knowing he is all right. Eubank.

The only thing I have to do in this life is stay black and die. No one can force me to do anything. If the junkies need to see this confrontation then they have to set me free. On the possibility of a re-match with Nigel Benn (he said the fight would be his last).

I'm not here at the beck and call of a nostril like Eubank. Benn refuses to play ball.

May I take this time to just wish you all a very merry Christmas. Eubank on Wogan.

He's good for quotes, but he's bloody weird. Reporter on Eubank.

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